PSA Member Benefits

  • PSATech

PSATech is a web based forum where you
can log in and discuss technical problems and issues.

  • Credit Card Program

PSA's credit card program allows you
to accept credit cards in payment for
your services at a rate of 1.8 % and
is direct deposited quickly.

  • Cost of Doing Business Software

Get a handle on productivity,
overhead, etc. using our new, easy to use,
software based management tool.

  • Certification

CAP....Certified Appliance Professional
MCAP...Master Certified Appliance Professional
CSM....Certified Service Manager
CCS....Certified Consumer Specialist

A comprehensive certification program providing
study material, practice exam,
testing and industry recognition.

  • "PSA Service Plan" Extended Warranty Program

Sell extended warranty service contracts on products
you service. You make a profit on the sale of
the contract plus any service.

  • Business Information

Cost of doing business, Warranty provider reports
Industry news, and much more.

  • Customer Relations

Helping to bring your company to a higher
level of professionalism.

  • Representation

Representing you, "The Independent Servicer" to
the industry at large as a strong group of Well
Trained, Professional Business People.